Unique Digital Card - FAQ

1 How to login?

log on www.uniquedigitalcard.com –  click on login – enter your register mail id – enter OTP

2 How to Edit/delete digital business card ?

log on www.uniquedigitalcard.com – login – open menu (right hand top side) -  open card listing click on edit. Also check video - Click Here

3 How to download / save digital business card ?

To Learn to Download / save card on Home Screen Check video - For Google Chrome, Ios Iphone, Android Browser

4 How to add location In Digital Business Card?

To Learn to Add Location in your digital card Check video - Click Here

5 How to check all features of Digital Business Card ?

To check all features of digital card check demo card - DEMO CARD

6 How to save contact in phone book from digital business card?

To Learn to save contace in phone book Check video - For Google Corome, Ios Iphone, Android Browser

7 How To Share Digital Business Card By QR code

To Learn to Share Digital Business Card By QR code Check video - Click Here

8 How To Share Digital Business Card On Whatsapp

To Learn To Share Digital Business Card On Whatsapp Check Video - Click Here 

9 Social Media Links

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