Digital Card is the standard for digital business cards that works on Smartphones, Tablets and computers with NO APP required. Digital Card creates a digital hub where your customers can pick and choose how they connect with you. You can list your standard contact information, a bio telling a little more about yourself, all of your social networks in one place and an info center, which allows you to create a digital brochure.

Online Digital Card allows the world to get in touch with you in a more simpler and convenient way, enabling everyone to share their information under one link. It looks professional and classy and had been this way for quite a long time. However, nowadays the world makes a turn to paperless solutions and prefer to store information, documents, and contacts digitally.

Digital Business Cards are pretty much the same business cards - they are created and exchanged via the Internet instead of usual paper print.A great advantage of digital business cards over traditional ones is that they allow making your contacts interactive and embed different functions and features into a card. Good examples can be instant contact saving (to a phone book or CRM system), quick access to web pages or QR codes that enable tracking of who checked your business card or take them to a map location. Also, digital business cards are flexible to work with: in case of contacts, details, address and other changes you can update such a card and notify everyone who has it, potentially keeping in touch with established partners.

To top it off, digital contacts exchange helps avoiding such problems as poor business card management or losing important contacts. And, for sure, it cuts down expenses on printing all those pieces of paper.

Like your ordinary business card, a digital one is used to share your contact information with partners, customers, etc. Depending on the platform used to create it, you can share your digital card via messengers and chats, post on your social media, attach to your email or resume. Therefore, it's easy to share it with people abroad.

If extra features added to a card, on top of your contacts you can use it as an invitation to check your site, product, catalog and more directly from a single card.

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